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    Hi guys!  Welcome to my Bat Mitzvah site!  My name is Alexandra Kukoff, I’m 12 years old, and for my Bat Mitzvah project I am writing a book called A Jewish Girl’s Guide to a Bat Mitzvah Project.  I first started writing this book because I was stuck on what to do for my Bat Mitzvah project.  I then decided to write this book to help other girls choose what they want to do for their Bat Mitzvah projects, and to get inspired by other projects.  In the book, I plan on interviewing girls and women who have had their Bat Mitzvahs.  Below is more information on my project.  If you have a Bat Mitzvah story that you’d like to share with me, go to batmitzvahguide.tumblr.com/submit.  Thank you! :)